Welcome to my Website. This is a personal project and will be completed over time.

So... Who am I?
An excellent question! I am an... Engineering Student, Programmer, Youtuber, Web developer, Koala and finally, an Australian Guy. My online alias is pretty much guarenteed to be either GusGold, or if some rude person has already reserved that one, GusGoldAussie. If both happen to be taken, I am a very sad Koala 8(

So what exactly do I do?
Well, I develop plugins for a type of Minecraft Server called CraftBukkit (also works with Spigot) that enchance both the user and administrator experience while playing on and running their servers. I also do requests :) I also record my inventions and experiences (most from minecraft) in the form of Youtube videos on my channel. I am currently studying Mechatronics and Robotics at University which is a lot of fun. In what is left of my spare time, I enjoy romantic RC Helicopter flights in my Blade 450 3D and making (and usually breaking) computers and electronics.

Got more questions or what to get in touch with me?
If you are wanting to get a plugin made, or even a website, you can add me on Skype as GusGoldAussie. If you've just got a question, perhaps send me a private on Youtube or hit me up on Twitter @GusGoldAussie.